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Vinyl Lattice by Permalatt

We are pleased to offer the products of Permalatt Inc.of Bremen, Indiana

Vinyl Lattice that won't fade, warp, or discolor, that's DuraShell® and Decorator 3-D Solid Core Vinyl Lattice from Permalatt!

Permalatt Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of solid vinyl lattice. Much more durable than wood lattice, our solid core 3-D vinyl lattice will not fade or warp.

DuraShell® and Decorator Lattice from Permalatt Products will look new for years! Our solid core vinyl lattice is dimensionally stable. Vinyl Lattice offers minimal expansion and contraction, and excellent weatherability. The solid cellular core vinyl lattice cuts and handles just like wood. Our lattice will give an attractive look, prove to be virtually maintenance free and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Don't settle for less




We have used this product and can highly recommend the lattice for traditional use such as privacy and sun screen. We can also incorporate the lattice into a swinging or sliding gate to give privacy without adding excess weight.

Swing gates in particular are not suitable for automation once wood boards are added. Vinyl Lattice not only keeps the weight down but also provides privacy while allowing the passage of air through the gate.

Let us design a gate for you with this product, it never rots or decays, the color never changes and requires zero maintenance whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing look to your fencing and gates .