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New Year...New gate problems

The New Year brings new problems to gate owners in the Chicago Area.

The relatively high moisture levels can cause gates and rollers to freeze overnight. When the first person tries to leave and presses their remote the frozen gate will not move, so what to do? Most will try pressing their remotes a few more times just in case, but is not the right way to go.

The gate operator will process each command and try to open the gate, well its still frozen, so the operator will recognize an "Obstruction" and shut down, then you are truly stuck and forced to try and manually open the gate.Not something you want to do at 6am with temperatures around 20º

The correct procedure is press your remote control ONCE. If nothing happens go to the gate and shake or move it a little, this is often enough to break the ice bond.

Now press your remote once again and at the same time give the gate a push in the open direction. Once the gate has started to move it will usually continue to operate normally throughout the day.

Happy New Year