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Commercial Overhead Door Operators

We Repair and Install all makes and models of Commercial Door Operators


With effect from August 29 2010 all new commercial door operators must conform to the UL-325 standard and bear the mark UL-325.

This standard becomes law and means all commercial operators must Continuously Monitor safety devices such as sensing edges and photocells.

Any machine that does not comply with this standard can only be installed with C-2 wiring, or Constant-pressure-to-close. The door will only close by continuously holding down the close button, timers or any other kind of closing device will not be permitted to operate.

In addition safety devices must comply with the UL-325 standard

Commercial Door operators are powerful machines. Currently they do not have obstruction sensing found on residential openers where the door reverses on contact with an object. We therefore recommend all commercial doors are fitted with a contact sensor, such as a Millers Edge or an air hose and a non-contact sensor such as photocell.

Commercial operators are rated as follows

  • Medium Duty - Max 10 Cycles per hour, Max door height 14'
  • Extended Duty - Rated for Continuous Duty, Max door height 22'
  • Heavy Duty - Rated for Continuous Duty, Max door height 22'
  • Extra H/ Duty - Rated for Continuous Duty, Max door height 22'

Operator Types

  • Trolley or Drawbar type - an arm attaches to the door and a chain drive pulls the door open
  • Jackshaft type - connected directly to the torsion shaft, used where headroom space is insufficient for a trolley or for high lift doors


  • Radio Controls
  • Safety devices
  • Auto close timer
  • Manual Chain Hoist with floor level disconnect
  • Motors from ½HP -3 HP
  • 115/230V/480V 1 - 3 phase

Specialized high Cycle operators for high rise buildings

Todays high rise apartment buildings require relaible and quiet door operators to cycle many hundreds of times a day.

DC powered motors are highly suited to this level of activity but until now there were no commercially produced machines at an affordable price. Gates & Doors Inc of Canada have resolved that problem.

RPM is pleased to announce these products are now available in Chicago.

End User Benefits