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Frozen Up?

Chicago 8.00 am Tues Jan 22 - Temperature 0º

Lots of calls today - gates wont open.

Its frozen... but what can I do if I am stuck in, well not much but try this

Do not keep pressing your remote, the gate will go into obstruct.

Instead as you press the remote give the gate a helping hand to get it moving. If it fails, try shaking the gate, wait a few seconds and try again.

If your gate starts moving run it a few times to get the components warmed a little and it should be Ok.. for that day at least.

New Year...New gate problems

The New Year brings new problems to gate owners in the Chicago Area.

The relatively high moisture levels can cause gates and rollers to freeze overnight. When the first person tries to leave and presses their remote the frozen gate will not move, so what to do? Most will try pressing their remotes a few more times just in case, but is not the right way to go.

My gate will not close on foggy mornings

On foggy days when there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, reflective photocells can be easily obscured by a film of moisutrre on the lens. Once open, the gate will not close.

Take a tissue and wipe off the excess moisture from the photoeye and the reflector.

Check the photocell is showing a light and pass your hand over the cell. You should hear a distint click and a light should come on, or go off, depending on the type of cell.

This indicates the cell is working correctly and the gate should close with the timer or a command from your remote.